While some might layer their wrist with bracelets and double or even triple pierce their ears so they can wear more earrings, you will only wear one watch at a time. So regardless the number of watches you own, only one will adorn your wrist at any given time.

You might also have a favorite watch, perhaps you wear your Rolex Submariner more than your Tag Heuer, or your Invicta more than your Festina. But nobody will wear the very same watch every day all the time. After all, it will get boring flaunting the Rolex from your wrist. But as long as you wear the Rolex, its rotor keeps spinning and the mainspring stays well wound. But when you give it a rest and choose to wear one of your other watches for awhile, the Rolex will stop running. Then when you decide to wear it again, you will have to spend time resetting the time and the date, what a bummer. Of course, if you owned an automatic watch winder, you would free yourself from this time-consuming and tedious task.

You see, watch winders perform the simple task of keeping your automatic watches perfectly wound. This means the next time you decide to adorn your beloved Rolex watch, it will be fully wound and ready to go, no need to reset the time and date. Also, the watch winder you own says a little about the type of person you are.

If you are into the retro look, the Pangaea S100 looks a little like something you would see in a classic 1950s science fiction movie. This single metal watch winder will keep your automatic watch wound and ready for use. It has a silent motor, an intermittent timer and directional controls that keep movement wound regardless the watch manufacturer.

Some of you are really into collecting watches and a single watch winder might not cut the mustard. If this is you, then a quad watch winder is right up your alley. The Wolf Designs Roadster is a fine quad watch winder featuring a backlit LCD display, delayed program start and a watch cuff designed to fit today’s bigger and heavier watches.

When in the market for a watch winder, take your time and choose the one right for you. In fact, you should take as much time choosing a watch winder as you did picking out the perfect Rolex watch. It really is that important.  

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