An automatic watch is a watch that is powered by your movement, so there is no need to wind it or replace a battery. However, because it is powered by your movement, not wearing an automatic watch for a period of time means it will run down and lose time. In order to prevent this, watch winders are utilized to keep automatic watches fully wound and ready to roll.

Watch winders imitate the motion of your arms, gently rolling your watch or watches and keeping them ticking. Watch winders are a good investment for keeping your automatic watches wound and ready to wear. Consider the following questions when you shop watch winders.

How Long Can I Keep a Watch in a Watch Winder?

You can keep your watches in a watch winder for as long as you desire. If you own several automatic watches, it is likely some will stay in a watch winder ready to wear for weeks or even months at a time.

Do I Need a Fancy Watch Winder with Lots of Controls?

If you plan on leaving your watches in a watch winder for a long period of time, you may want to invest in a watch winder that has scheduling controls. This way, you can schedule rest periods, which is best for automatic watches. The constant movement of an automatic watch can wear down the gears and it isn't necessary to keep your watch at full power.

Do I Need a Big Watch Winder?

If you only have one automatic watch, then you can probably get by with a small watch winder that holds a single automatic watch. However, if you have a collection of automatic watches, you will likely want a watch winder capable of holding multiple automatic watches. In fact, you might even own enough watches that you need a watch winder capable of holding 12 watches.

Do I Need to Spend a Lot of Money on a Watch Winder?

You can spend as much as you desire on a watch winder. If you only have one automatic watch that you wear most of the time anyway, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a watch winder. But if you own several automatic luxury watches, like Rolex or Breitling, then you probably want to spend a little more money investing in a watch winder to house your collection.

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