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With the Sale of Watch Winders Strong, It is Proof That Watches Still Matter

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There are far too many people who think just like the VCR and mullet haircuts, the watch has lost its importance over the years and is slowly dying on the vine. In an age where computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones can give you the time, some feel watches are an unnecessary accessory. But the people who believe this couldn't be any more wrong. With the sale of watch winders strong, it is proof that watches still matter. Here is our argument.

The wait person at your favorite restaurant hates it, the clerk at the convenience store hates it and your mother really hates it, peeking at your smartphone or other electronic devices to get the time comes off as very rude. Perhaps because it is. Checking the time on any electronic device is in bad form. When you wear a watch, checking the time can be done on the sly, which is how it should be.

With your hands full of shopping bags, books or your arms around your girlfriend while cuddling on the couch, checking your phone for the time will be rather difficult. These are definitely times you will be glad you are wearing a watch.

If you have worn a watch for years, not wearing a watch will feel rather strange. In fact, there are many people who simply feel naked when they aren’t wearing their watch. We certainly don’t want people to feel naked. It is these very same people who also wear a watch as part of their identity, their watch is an extension of themselves.

Lastly, wearing a watch makes you feel grown up, checking your iPhone for the time can make you feel like a fool.